What You Need To Know About Self Storage

Self-storage is an excellent option to help you free up your living space and de-clutter your closets. During the summer months a self-storage facility can store your winter clothes, jackets, boots, mittens, hats and scarves that you no longer need. And during the winter months you can store your summer clothes including shorts, beach dresses and swim wear.

When you are preparing your winter clothes for storage over the summer months keep in mind that clothes moths love to dine on woolens. Clothes moths are different than the moths you may see flying around your lights in the summer months. Clothe moths are rarely seen because they love to stay in small dark spaces. To keep your clothes safe from hungry moths and their larvae there are a number of steps you can take as you prepare your clothing for storage:

Ensure Your Clothes Are Clean and Do Not Contain Moth Larvae

If you store clothing that has moth larvae on it, when the larvae hatch they will spread on your clothes, especially your woolens. Moth larvae are too small to see, so the best way to ensure they are not on your clothes is to keep all articles clean:

· Wash or dry clean articles you & # 39; ve worn to rid them of moth eggs, perspiration and food spills which can get unwanted pests during time in storage
· To ensure your winter coats do not become victims to moths dry clean them before storing. If you want to avoid expensive dry cleaning fees you can take the winter coats outside and brush them thoroughly, making sure you get the areas under collars and along seams
· Pack woolen winter coats, a favorite treat for moths, separately from your other clothes in case you missed a moth egg or two

Use Re-closable Plastic Bags or Boxes, Like Rubbermaid Storage Bins

Plastic bags and boxes are excellent pest deterrents. Re-closable plastic storage containers will also protect your clothing from water and condensation. However, plastic storage containers that are filled tightly do not allow items to breath easily, so if you are standing items long term (for a number of years) you should remember to open the bins and occasionally air them out to stop the plastic from decreasing your clothes over such a long period of time.

Lavender Is A Time Tested Trick

Do you remember your grandmother having lavender saches in her drawers or closets? Homemakers have been using lavender to repel clothes moths for years. This time tested trick will prevent moths but will not stop a current moth infestation, so use this preventative method if you are sure your clothes are already clean and moth free. Fill saches with lavender or fill saches laced with lavender oil. Include these saches in the clothing that you pack for storage. Not only will they prevent moths, they will leave a pleasant scent behind.

Avoid Using Mothballs or Moth Crystals

Mothballs and moth crystals are extremely harmful to people, unborn babies and pets. You should never use mothballs or moth crystals in your current living space. If you do use them in storage, do so with caution. For effective use they must be used in tight spaces and containers. Always wash articles that may have come in contact with mothballs very well as well as your hands after touching such articles as the chemicals in mothballs and moth crystals are toxic.

Self-storage is an excellent solution to de-cluttering your closets and drawers during the off season. Ensure you properly prepare and pack your clothing to keep it safe from moths while in storage.

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